3 Workouts To Define Your Biceps

Bicep Workout Tips Proven To Be Effective

For people who are trying to get bigger, defined arms, there are multiple great exercises you can do. It depends on the type of exercises you are doing, the amount of weight you are lifting, and the amount of reps, they may differ a bit for each individual.

When working out the biceps, you want to focus on exercises that will workout the whole arm, while focusing on the bicep muscle, to make sure you get the best form. Also making sure you get the pumped up look and defining in your arms, regardless of the weight you are working out with. These are some top bicep exercises to get more definition, sculpted, and stronger looking arms.

Arm Bar Curl

This curl goes after the three muscle heads, brachialis, lateral and medial, and will workout the bicep more so than other kinds of curls. To perform this exercise you will grip wide with palms up, hands about shoulder width apart the bar is rested at thigh level you will curl the weight slow, up to the neck level, and lower the bar back down just as slowly. Execute 10 to 15 reps, and 3 or 4 sets, is going to ensure a great burn. When performing these curls, don’t rest, but you can hesitate for about a second at neck level, to flex your bicep so that you get targeted results on the bicep muscle.

Dumbbell Curl

This curl works on the bicep muscle, and the heavier the weight, the more definition you are going to observe with this kind of curl. You can work out one arm at a time, before switching the curls to the opposite arm. When you’re doing the curling, you should hold on to an object or the dumbbell rack (with the resting hand which is not curling), to stabilize yourself. With the dumbbell at thigh level, you will slowly curl up (just underneath the chin), as slowly as possible, and without a pause curl back down to level with the thigh. This motion will keep the muscles working harder, and will tear the mass of muscle, so that growth can occur. The more weight, and the more repetitions you do, the more size and growth you are going to realize with these curls over time.

Cable Curl with Rope Handle

Attach a rope handle to the pulley system (on the weight machine). With a hand on either side of the rope, you curl your arms up to your chin, and separate your hands at the top of the motion with your hands on either side of your face, in this position you will pause at the top for a moment, and when you come down, you should do so as slow as possible, bringing the hands down to your waist.

Completing a few repetitions of this workout, going in a slow and deliberate movement, is going to work out all three flexor heads of the bicep. With this exercise, the primary goal is not serious weight, but is to focus on bringing the hands apart up top (to cheek level), concentrating on the squeeze at the top, and coming back down slow to waist level at the end of the hold. The slower you come down, the more pressure you will feel on the biceps this downward motion will work the tricep head as well.

While there are several ways of doing curls and bicep exercises, these are some of the three best bicep workouts that get results you can try, which are going to ensure strong biceps, and will work out all the bicep muscle heads for great results.

The more reps you do, the more controlled the motions are, and the heavier the weights are the more defining you are going to realize to your biceps. Using other routines arm exercises like pull ups, push ups, etc, you can gain great definition, and you will gain the more powerful size and strength in a short span of time.