5 tips to stop sabotaging your diet and weight loss

Learning to stick to your diet is one of the hardest things to do. It takes time and determination to reach your goals. Not only do we have to control ourselves but we have to learn to control our friends and relatives trying to sabotage us. Follow these 5 tips to get the body you deserve:

Learn about nutrition

Before you can even begin a diet plan you will need to know what to eat and what not. We all know simple things such as fast foods are a no-no. But knowing what foods are necessary and what amounts you need to take in is a different story. You will need to learn how to read food labels making sure you get in enough protein, carbohydrates and fats each day. The times you eat food is also important. Making the mistake of eating only a huge breakfast and then binge eating again at night is terrible for your metabolism. Rather eat 4-5 smaller meals per day as to keep your metabolism stable. You won’t go hungry this way and won’t feel the need to cheat and sabotage your current diet.

Food is really everything when it comes to weight control, eating correct leads to about 80% of your weight loss success.

Food diary

Writing down what you eat everyday is a very good method to stop you from over eating. Not writing down your meals is like being blind. You cannot see what you put in and you cannot see where you are heading. You will definitely end up overweight or have your diet completely wrong by eating too much carbohydrates or protein.

Seeing your results in front of you is very motivational and it will help you to stop the sabotaging.

Be honest with yourself

You will need to become very honest with yourself. Eating a chocolate and making an excuse such as “I was sad and felt like I needed one” is obviously self-sabotage without realizing it. You will have to make a conscious effort to stop yourself from eating junk food and cheating. Remind yourself that you will never reach your goals if you eat junk food. In the moment you feel like you are about to cheat – drink a huge glass of water or if you are starving drink a protein shake. Just never give in, it’s your own fault if you give in – be honest.

Pre-organize your meals

The time most people end up cheating is when they find themselves without food. You come home from work and you are starving. You cannot wait to make the food first – you want food now. You grab for anything! Bread, cookies or worse you call pizza delivery.

This is where pre-making foods saves you from this situation. Make sure you always have your healthy meals with you. Set a time you can make these foods each day and make it a habit. Make a snack pack with protein bars, nuts, and fruits so you never grab for something else.

Learn to say no to friends

Friends can side track your diet very easily. Going out almost always leads to you eating things you shouldn’t. You will have to learn to say no. Take your own meals or decline the invitation. Talk to your friends and make them understand that you cannot eat unhealthy anymore. It would be great if you can get them to join you on your healthy diet!

Again, you can decide to keep on sabotaging yourself or you can stick to it and finally get the results you deserve – it’s your choice.