Away living out of hotels again…..

So after a few weeks working from home i am back to working away at Heathrow so that means 2 things….

1 – eating on the go

2 – training at Maximums in Slough

over the years i have managed to create a pretty good schedule for eating and fitting to my macro’s whilst working away, i mainly use Performance meals but also Smoked tuna from john west play a big part along with couscous and whey/oats very basic and simple but effective.

training this week has been very good although i have been more tired through work and coaching than normal but i am sure you all know how a good session in the gym can lift your energy and spirit levels….

Mondays Session:

Load upper/pump lower


Seated Hammer Strength 1 arm row 2 sets @ 80kg x 12, 10

Chins with feet up on bench (use a smith machine and do not allow your waist to go higher than your feet)


Incline Hammer Press 1 set at 140kg x 9

Seated Flys x 12


Seated Hammer dead press 1 set at 120kg x 10

Seated Side raise 1 set at 22.5kg DB x 12

Lower Body Pump:

V squat x 2 sets at 80kg x 25 reps

Lying leg curls x 1 @ 60kg x 25 reps

Leg Ext x 1 at 40kg x 25 reps

Donkey calf raise 120kg x 25 reps

Wednesday Session:

Warm up….

Hammer Strength V Squat 2 sets, first set 200kg x 12/ second set 240kg x 10

Lying leg curl 2 sets @120kg x 12, 10

Leg Ext 1 x 80kg to failure

Walking lunges on treadmill @ 4% incline lunge for 1 min/walk for 1 minute x 3

Seated Calf raise 2 sets @ 80kg x 12 (1 sec stretch at bottom)

Donkey calf raise 2 sets @200kg x 12, 8 (1 sec squeeze at top)

legs are mega pumped it was a good session plus a PB on the V Squat…..

Upper Body Pump:

Incline Hammer press-supersetted with Wide grip pulldowns x 2 x 25 reps

Seated Hammer strength shoulder press – supersetted with V sits x 2 x 25 reps

V bar pressdowns – supersetted with Concentration curls x 1 x 25 reps

i spent Sunday on the Cardiff Sports Nutrition stall at the UKBFF Welsh Championships in Port Talbot highlight for me was sharing the whole day with NPC competitor Dusty Hanshaw Dusty’s Site what a great guy Dusty is very funny and very knowledgeable…….check out his YouTube channel when you have time guys iForce YouTube

i have been using some of the iForce range over the last few months my favorite is Compete a great EAA product my recovery has certainly improved from the high intensity sessions……Dusty put me onto another product from there range Hemavol great NO supplement so have added this to my supplement regime.

the show was another great one as it is normally the level of competitors where very good although it was a shame there was no super heavies this year, don’t think this will be a strong class at the Britain this year as it has been for some time……..

one person who really impressed me was Ricardo Correa damn this guy looks like a Pro all ready if he gets the 4kg off he needs to to make the U90kg class i do not see anyone beating him at the finals this year……

thanks for reading guys and girls speak soon…..