Bodybuilding depression and how to deal with it

Most of us get depressed in our lives and this includes bodybuilders. We can get depressed when a loved one dies or even when things just get progressively worse and we spiral into negative thoughts ending up depressed. Getting out of depression is not always as easy and we can stay depressed for years.

What are the symptoms of depression?

Depression is something most people cannot understand until they experienced it themselves. Some people will tell you to get over yourself and just get up and move on. But it’s really not that easy and telling someone that makes it worse. Depression makes you not really care anymore and you start to actually enjoy feeling down when it continues for too long making it harder to get out.

There are a few symptoms that most depressed people share:

They start losing interest in their hobbies
Feeling tired all the time
Struggle to sleep
Feeling hopeless
Lost your appetite or you cannot stop eating
Short tempered and irritated more than usual
Thoughts that life is worthless and meaningless
Why do bodybuilders get depressed?

Usually bodybuilding is a cure for depression as exercise improves ones mood. Bodybuilders also have better confidence than most people. So just what went wrong for a bodybuilder to get depressed?

Overtraining can leave you exhausted and feeling low in energy. If this continues for too long you will start to feel depressed. This can happen to any bodybuilder when you do not get in enough rest and sleep.

Bodybuilders can get depressed before competitions because they starve themselves thus again not getting in enough food can exhaust you leaving you drained and tired.

Then we get bodybuilders that don’t get their diet correct and end up missing a lot of nutrients and vitamins eventually leading to abnormal brain activity that makes on depressed.

The easiest way a bodybuilder can get depressed is when he does not see any improvements for long periods of time, this leads to negative thoughts, thinking something is wrong with himself and before he knows it , his self-confidence is shattered and he will feel worthless.

Lastly bodybuilders can get depressed by everything we all face. Death, sickness, relationships, failure etc.

How to deal with depression and get out of it

Being depressed is the last place you want to be and to get out can be tough, however it’s not impossible. Obviously the easiest way to get out of depression is not to get depressed in the first place. Make sure you do not over train and make sure you are getting in all the vitamins you need. Learn to deal with life and let downs.

There are times when getting depressed is inevitable and it just happens. So now what? How do you get out?

Mostly all depressed people believe that they cannot escape depression themselves. They are waiting for some kind of hero or friend to come pull them out. However their friends get fed up with them and snap, making it worse and worse.

Taking pills for depression is no cure either. Yes it might help when you got depressed because you ate the wrong diet or just plainly because you were tired and overworked, but if that was the case rest would have solved it.

In order to cure depression you will have to cure the root cause of your depression. Firstly you have to realize that only you can save yourself and no-one else. You will have to discover and ask yourself just what exactly is disturbing you.

You can then either find a way to fix the problem and work on that or you will have to accept the problem. For example when someone close to you died, you will have to accept this fact and in time you will heal. However, when you have relationship problems you will have to find a way to fix them. Once you have a plan of action your depression will start to lift.

Remember it takes time and effort to get out, but as long as you realize that it is up to you alone to get out, and then you will get out.