Bodybuilding for the Lactose Intolerant

There are many downsides to a lactose intolerance, and of course one of the biggest issues for many people is being unable to enjoy the same deserts that they might normally and having to be ‘the awkward guest’ at dinner parties.

However the problems with lactose intolerance are not confined to just practical issues: they can also get in the way of your choice of activities and even your health. Milk contains a lot of very important ingredients and is a crucial ingredient itself in a range of nutritious foods and supplements meaning that it can be hard to get everything you need to function healthily and normally without it; and never is this more apparent than when you start bodybuilding and suddenly need a whole lot more of your usual nutrients to stay healthy.

But rest assured, just because milk is an important ingredient in bodybuilding, that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways around the problem. Here then we are going to look at the various different ways you can bodybuilding without needing to consume vast amounts of milk.

Protein Shake

First of all the first obstacle for bodybuilders who don’t use milk is the importance of milk in most protein shakes. The main type of protein shake you see is whey protein, which is a form of pure protein that comes from milk and is a byproduct of the cheese making process. This is how a large number of bodybuilders get their high protein requirements and it is an easy way to grow very quickly. Another option is casein protein, but again this comes from milk and so is off limits for lactose intolerant bodybuilders.

But there are other options out there too, and one of the main ones is soy protein. This form of protein comes from soy bean, and is a complete form of protein (meaning it contains all the essential amino acids) just like whey or casein. Of course there is a downside to soy protein too or everyone would be using it, which is that it is less ‘bioavailable’ meaning that the body finds it harder to utilize it for building muscle and that in turn more of it is lost as waste.

The other alternative is egg protein then, and this as you can imagine, is a form of protein shake that is made from eggs. Egg protein is particularly bioavailable and contains all the amino acids and in many ways it’s actually better for you than whey as it contains fewer carbs. The only downside however is that it is very expensive for what you get.


Which brings us on nicely to our next point – which is just eating the right diet. What you need to bear in mind here is that supplements are not the only way to get protein at all and that you shouldn’t be relying on them. What’s important then is that you eat a diet rich in natural sources of protein such as chicken, tuna fish etc. This will then enable you to build muscle mass without needing to rely on protein shakes that may contain milk.

Meanwhile it’s important to also get calcium in your diet which will strengthen your bones and connective tissue which is rather important for bodybuilders. As milk is a primary source of calcium you will need to ensure you turn to other ways of getting it in your diet to compensate, and that means things like green vegetables.

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