NABBA Universe Weekend

I was away last weekend at the 2013 NABBA Universe and what a show it was, packed to the rafters with pure talent from the juniors to the O50’s class….


highlights for me where Paul Sutton winning the O40’s class at a tender age of 49yrs old

Nikki Bentham returning to prove a point that last year was no fluke in the Toned class plus so many great UK toned girls making the top 6 placing

Seeing the legend that is Lee Priest winning his class and the Overall…

on the subject of Lee he is such a nice guy and i really mean that the guy never said no to any picture or handshake, question from anyone for the whole time he was at the show, he really brought his A game to the show and as he said after the Overall win he had nothing to gain competing at this show he did it for the fans…..

i returned home on Sunday but only for a few hours as Monday i had to work away at both Heathrow and Gatwick……


move forward to the weekend of the UKBFF finals……..

well that was not the best planned show was it, no matter what any UKBFF fan or official says the 2 days did not run very well and you had guys and girls being told they where expected on stage in 10-20 minutes 2hrs later they where still  not onstage, which is unbelievable when you consider the very thin line we all walk when trying to peak for stage time.

One of my gripe’s with the finals was not on who placed where and who did not place but the sheer numbers that was onstage, it was just plain stupid to have so many invited to the finals when just because of the number there was no way the judges could give each competitor a true comparison against the rest.

the Bikini and the Male Bikini (physique) class together totaled more than 100 competitors for just 2 classes, someone really needs to ask which idiot is giving out so many invites…….

the other gripe i have is with the judging of the Bikini class, seriously do the UKBFF actually know what criteria they ask the girls to follow? genuine question

in the UKBFF rules for that class the following is written “Muscular definition is not allowed” yet the winner of the bikini class at this show was more shredded than the bodyfitness winner

Bikini is on the left, Bodyfitness on the right

the problem is that Nina who won the bikini class fits with the look that is required in the European and american shows yet it is not one that is in the UKBFF rules as you can see she has clear muscle definition in the Arms, Shoulders, Calf’s and Abs…….but in saying that she does look amazing


so back to the real world….

i am back at Heathrow this week so that means a session at Maximums in Slough for my upper body load this is what i did…


Seated Hammer strength 1 arm row 2 sets @ 90kg x 10, 9

Chins @ 2 sets to failure


Hammer Strength plate loaded bench press (dead press) 2 sets @ 180kg 8, 6

Seated Flat fly 2 sets @ 70kg failure


Seated HS deadstop press 2 sets @ 160kg 7, 6

DB side raise 2 sets @ 25kg 10, 8

this was followed by lower body pump sets of 25 reps for Quads/Hams/Calfs

really good session i was extremely pumped after and was very happy with the lifts in this session…


my check in with my coach was on sunday weight is 218lbs not a huge gain but my condition is holding nicely and am happy with what i have gained and my strength increase…..