Something awesome to eat when dieting

So we all know that any type of diet be it to fit into a bikini for a holiday or to step onstage at the NABBA Universe is not full of sweet foods and things like chocolate has to go by the wayside for us to reach our goals……..maybe not anymore 🙂

i found this little recipe and extended it to  give more choice…….

Caramel Chocolate Mousse

what you need:

A casein protein (your choice of flavour)
Chopped nuts
Crunchy PB

I found that a Casein protein to be the best by far to make these puddings as after a relative short time in the fridge (30-45 min) it turns to a lovely mousse consistency.

I made 3 different types tonight all three had 70g of the casein powder providing 50g of protein a few grams of carbs and very low fat.

Here is what I added for each of the three…..
Pudding 1 – added 50g of chopped nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts) mixed into pudding with some sprinkled on top.P 50g, F 25g C 8g

Pudding 2 – added 50g crunchy peanut butter P 50g, F 25g, C 8g

Pudding 3 – added 50g roasted granola P 50g, F 12g, C 25g

All three tastes amazing although I do like the Granola gives a nice choc crunch taste……

You should try one of the three the next time you are dipping on your diet you will not regret it……..