Five weeks out from the UKBFF British Finals in 2016 I was in a bit of a mess. I couldn’t get myself leaner and was generally lost as to what to do and where to go next.

I messaged Paul (who’s a good personal friend of mine) one Thursday evening (I’ll never forget the conversation) and asked if he could help. It was a long shot, as I was so close to the show, and I hadn’t really followed any structured plan since winning my qualifying show earlier that year, so I couldn’t say “hey I know this works well, and I know this doesn’t” based on experience. I had pretty much just winged it, and that had worked fine for a qualified, but for the British Finals I needed a better, more targeted approach! I was in “no man’s land”, so to speak.

He messaged back instantly (something Paul is well known for) and asked me a few questions. The next day we spoke on the phone and within 24 hours he had a structured plan and plan of action.

We spoke daily and I sent him photos and feedback every few days. Within the space of 10 days my physique and mindset had completely changed. I was much fuller, my body fat had dropped and I was stronger in the gym. We pushed on and I ended up coming into the show with one the best looks I’ve ever achieved on stage!

There are generally two camps of coaches in the workd bodybuilding: the “old school” meat heads who eat chicken and rice 6 times a day, and there’s the “science crowds” who will take studies on rats and apply them to high level physique athletes. Neither are better than the other. Where Paul is unique is that he bridges the gap. He has the experience of actually being on stage at a high level, and is also an intellectual and has a unique ability to take science, understand it, filter it and apply it in the real world. It’s truly a “best of both” scenario.

In the following off season Paul got me up to my heaviest weight (312lbs) on a TRT dose with perfect blood work and perfect health! Paul and I are still good friends and speak regularly, and no matter what I know he’s someone I can turn to for help or advice. We carried on working together until he fell ill in 2017.

For me, Paul is one of the absolute best bodybuilding coaches in the UK. Privileged to call him a friend!