Graham Fredericks

I have known Paul for a few years now, when I was starting off in bodybuilding & studying at University we both trained at the Marjon’s University gym in Plymouth.

In 2013 as I finished university we both made the transition to join Pro Gym. This was a small gym just on the outskirts of Plymouth. It wasn’t until we both trained here that I really got to know Paul, he was very helpful towards me & showed me a variety of techniques on certain exercises I did not know about which really helped me forward my training at that time.

Later on in 2013 I competed in my first bodybuilding show as a junior in the UKBFF, at this time I was under the guidance of a different trainer. I was very unhappy with how he handled my prep that year and some of the methods I was told to do were extremely questionable even for me starting off in the industry. Results that year did not go as planned so I decided to Part Company with my trainer shortly after that show.

I approached Paul at the start of 2014. I seen the work he had done himself & with other clients in the same gym over the past few years, needless to say I was very impressed. I was then fortunate enough to start working with Paul in February 2014. Being a young amateur bodybuilder this was a great opportunity to learn off someone who I held in such high regard as a competitive bodybuilder. Paul immediately changed my diet & training philosophy for the better as the results immediately came. Over the course of the year my diet and training was slowly monitored and tweaked accordingly as we made our way towards my second bodybuilding show in the UKBFF this time in the men’s classic bodybuilding category where I placed 4th in a very strong line up. Regardless of the placing the change in my physique & mentality over the last 6 months was incredible.

During my off season & prep I have learnt a variety of training methods/strategies, advanced strength and conditioning techniques, a long list of nutritional methods that have proven to work on my body these include nutrient timing, hydration, fat loading, meal planning & of course learning how important it is to eat consistently to achieve results.
I am very much looking forward to working under Paul in 2015 where we plan on taking my physique to the next level on and off the stage.