Martin Winston

I have known Paul now for a few years through the gym scene in Plymouth. He is a very humble and approachable guy. Who is very well respected.

In the short period I have worked with him I have gained a vast array of knowledge. All of the “bro science” that I thought was so true is a thing of the past!

Over the last 12 months my physique has developed more than in the 10 years previous to working with Paul. It makes me think… why didn’t I decide to compete at an earlier age?!?

I fully enjoyed stepping on stage last year in my first show, I placed 2nd in a very tough line up…..I do think we shocked a few people……….

Paul is very specific and concise with his plans. With regular check-ins he will ensure everything is on track and tweak things down to the finest detail to make sure you are stage ready.