Paul is my coach nearly two years and it’s the best thing I could ever done to choose him for several reasons …. I gain so much knowledge and learned so much more about my body but also mind , Paul is very professional and always available and approachable

With Paul I learned the value and importance of nutrition side as much the training side as his diets are not copy and pasted but calculated by your own specific macros and all other needs or requirements.

Paul is bursting in several knowledge in all sorts and he also pass than knowledge and making sure you understand every step or progress made as he will be every step by your side also he is always happy to answer any existing questions but as I personally think it’s all covered in our clients sheets which we can check everything and it’s so specific and very easy as it’s always accessible to us for check ups just in case it’s need it.

His various food selection just amazing as the quality food you can choose and consume and still reach your goals also with Paul you will not just gain and reach your goals but your health will be in tip top condition and the most of all you’ll feel totally different and healthier individual not just physically but also mentally , since start working with Paul I achieved several of my basic goals and in bodybuilding competing he helped me to became better version of my self and also to bring home several trophies.

I would highly recommend Paul to anyone with regardless what goals as I know he will help you to your achievements with 100%