Been working with Paul over 3 years now, I first wanted help with a good diet which I would could be consistent with so I could build up muscle as I had a goal to compete

I done my first show last year in classic bodybuilding and came 4th which I was very pleased with and came in my best, looking forward to another one this summer to come and to seeing what I can achieve/

Have been more than pleased with all improvements I’ve made since we started and he was really helpful through contest prep, great at explaining any questions on training or nutrition and anything you don’t understand.

Been a great help to me with my development and I’ve learnt a lot about myself on the way!

I believe bodybuilding is you versus yourself.
Paul has been a great help, to help me beat the best me.


I’ve been in the fitness industry since 2008 and I’ve used many coaches but non come close to Paul Scarborough.

I’ve never felt so good, even during a cutting phase.

His knowledge is just unreal! Ask him anything and he will have the answer.

He really goes above and beyond to make sure your focused on your goal and you reach every target.

Paul is such a great guy and I can’t thank him enough for all his support to date.

Ben Bamforth

Have worked with Paul Scarborough for 3 competition preps after a recommendation from a close friend who was working with Paul.

On the first occasion I came to Paul about 6/7 weeks out from a show date I had planned but not in the best shape at all.

Paul’s advice at the time was “if you do as I say we will have plenty of time” Somehow Paul managed to help pull things together and get me in competitive shape and even secured me a win on the first time working together.

After that I we had the pleasure of working together for 2 British final competitions in 2017 & 2018 and both times getting a close 2nd place finish …. but ultimately Paul helping to get me in the best condition I had ever been in and improving on previous showings.

Whatever your goals and aspirations in health and fitness Paul has either been there and done it himself or has the knowledge to help you achieve what it is your looking for.


I have worked with Paul for the last year after seeing the progress my training partner had made with Paul as his coach. In this time I have had dramatic changes to my physique which I really don’t think I would have been able to achieve without his expert guidance.

I have found Paul to be a very approachable guy and helpful coach, also, because I am very interested in the ins and outs of the methods used, he has always found the time to explain things to me in more detail.

I will continue to stay with Paul as my coach for the foreseeable future as I, and many others believe he is one of the best in the business and like to think my progress speaks for itself!

Craig Chorley

I signed up with Paul in 2017 to aid and guild me to my best stage condition for the West NABBA competition. Throughout the process, I found that not only was Paul extremely knowledgeable, professional and understanding but I can now call Paul a true friend.

The support was constant throughout the prep, with diet, training and supplement guidance. I have worked within the fitness industry for 15 years and the one person I know that will always be continually educating and open to all training and diet methods is Paul.


The first competition I entered was in 2006. It was the UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow Show. I was entered in the first timers category. I came third. I was thrilled with what I had achieved and knew that this was for me. Off the back of my third place I knew that I could do more and the training and dietary requirements seemed to click in and didn’t seem so hard.

Between 2007 and 2009 I entered 6 different shows placing in the top three in my categories at each one. The feedback was always positive from the judges but one piece of feedback always stuck with me. As I am over 6 feet tall my height can be a disadvantage and that I needed to bulk up in size to compete with the big names. This is when I contacted Paul via a forum. From our first conversation we just got on like a house on fire. His knowledge and understanding is just second to none.

During my first prep (2010) with Paul was very different to what I have encountered before and if I had any questions or doubts in my mind I knew I could always call or message him and he would have the right answer or the way to clear up any doubts I had. With all his support I managed to finish in the top 10 of the NABBA Britain finals (Class 1)

After taking  two years off from competition and concentrating on gaining more muscle size as I could still working on a off season programme with Paul. I came back to competition in 2012 when I entered the NABBA Mr England show . I was entered in class one and ranked 4th.

Paul is more than a coach to me, I would class his as a friend.

Julian Jordan

I have known Paul for a few years now, when I was starting off in bodybuilding & studying at University we both trained at the Marjon’s University gym in Plymouth.

In 2013 as I finished university we both made the transition to join Pro Gym. This was a small gym just on the outskirts of Plymouth. It wasn’t until we both trained here that I really got to know Paul, he was very helpful towards me & showed me a variety of techniques on certain exercises I did not know about which really helped me forward my training at that time.

Later on in 2013 I competed in my first bodybuilding show as a junior in the UKBFF, at this time I was under the guidance of a different trainer. I was very unhappy with how he handled my prep that year and some of the methods I was told to do were extremely questionable even for me starting off in the industry. Results that year did not go as planned so I decided to Part Company with my trainer shortly after that show.

I approached Paul at the start of 2014. I seen the work he had done himself & with other clients in the same gym over the past few years, needless to say I was very impressed. I was then fortunate enough to start working with Paul in February 2014. Being a young amateur bodybuilder this was a great opportunity to learn off someone who I held in such high regard as a competitive bodybuilder. Paul immediately changed my diet & training philosophy for the better as the results immediately came. Over the course of the year my diet and training was slowly monitored and tweaked accordingly as we made our way towards my second bodybuilding show in the UKBFF this time in the men’s classic bodybuilding category where I placed 4th in a very strong line up. Regardless of the placing the change in my physique & mentality over the last 6 months was incredible.

During my off season & prep I have learnt a variety of training methods/strategies, advanced strength and conditioning techniques, a long list of nutritional methods that have proven to work on my body these include nutrient timing, hydration, fat loading, meal planning & of course learning how important it is to eat consistently to achieve results.
I am very much looking forward to working under Paul in 2015 where we plan on taking my physique to the next level on and off the stage.

Graham Fredericks

When I decided that I wanted to compete, I was lucky enough to find Paul Scarborough and for him to take me on!

So since 2011 I’ve competed in 3 federations NABBA, NPA & BNBF and to date have been invited to 6 British Finals, only having 2012 off. Every show I step on that stage looking better than before and could never achieve this without Paul’s unquestionable knowledge and structured training and diet plans.

I have absolute confidence in his plans and over the years not only has Paul’s been my coach but a mentor, confidant and friend.

He gets results and I look forward to working with Paul for the rest of my competing career!


Paul is my coach nearly two years and it’s the best thing I could ever done to choose him for several reasons …. I gain so much knowledge and learned so much more about my body but also mind , Paul is very professional and always available and approachable

With Paul I learned the value and importance of nutrition side as much the training side as his diets are not copy and pasted but calculated by your own specific macros and all other needs or requirements.

Paul is bursting in several knowledge in all sorts and he also pass than knowledge and making sure you understand every step or progress made as he will be every step by your side also he is always happy to answer any existing questions but as I personally think it’s all covered in our clients sheets which we can check everything and it’s so specific and very easy as it’s always accessible to us for check ups just in case it’s need it.

His various food selection just amazing as the quality food you can choose and consume and still reach your goals also with Paul you will not just gain and reach your goals but your health will be in tip top condition and the most of all you’ll feel totally different and healthier individual not just physically but also mentally , since start working with Paul I achieved several of my basic goals and in bodybuilding competing he helped me to became better version of my self and also to bring home several trophies.

I would highly recommend Paul to anyone with regardless what goals as I know he will help you to your achievements with 100%


Five weeks out from the UKBFF British Finals in 2016 I was in a bit of a mess. I couldn’t get myself leaner and was generally lost as to what to do and where to go next.

I messaged Paul (who’s a good personal friend of mine) one Thursday evening (I’ll never forget the conversation) and asked if he could help. It was a long shot, as I was so close to the show, and I hadn’t really followed any structured plan since winning my qualifying show earlier that year, so I couldn’t say “hey I know this works well, and I know this doesn’t” based on experience. I had pretty much just winged it, and that had worked fine for a qualified, but for the British Finals I needed a better, more targeted approach! I was in “no man’s land”, so to speak.

He messaged back instantly (something Paul is well known for) and asked me a few questions. The next day we spoke on the phone and within 24 hours he had a structured plan and plan of action.

We spoke daily and I sent him photos and feedback every few days. Within the space of 10 days my physique and mindset had completely changed. I was much fuller, my body fat had dropped and I was stronger in the gym. We pushed on and I ended up coming into the show with one the best looks I’ve ever achieved on stage!

There are generally two camps of coaches in the workd bodybuilding: the “old school” meat heads who eat chicken and rice 6 times a day, and there’s the “science crowds” who will take studies on rats and apply them to high level physique athletes. Neither are better than the other. Where Paul is unique is that he bridges the gap. He has the experience of actually being on stage at a high level, and is also an intellectual and has a unique ability to take science, understand it, filter it and apply it in the real world. It’s truly a “best of both” scenario.

In the following off season Paul got me up to my heaviest weight (312lbs) on a TRT dose with perfect blood work and perfect health! Paul and I are still good friends and speak regularly, and no matter what I know he’s someone I can turn to for help or advice. We carried on working together until he fell ill in 2017.

For me, Paul is one of the absolute best bodybuilding coaches in the UK. Privileged to call him a friend!


What can I say, Paul helped me over a 36 month period through 2 full show preps and a full off season, I cannot fault the progress I made from an over dieted mess when starting to a top 3 Nabba Britain competitor plus gaining a NABBA Universe qualification in our first full season.

If you are looking for an online coach Paul gets 5 stars from me, Top man and great coach

Chris Unitt

I first started working with Paul about 5 years ago. I’m a busy sports therapist and while treating one of Paul clients, I was totally blown away by how each week he came in looking lighter leaner. In short his transformation was nothing short of amazing. After a short chat I knew Paul was the coach I wanted to work with. His knowledge is second to none!!

As you can see from my photos this guys methods work, you just supply the effort and willpower he does the rest!

Geoff Flowers

Having searched worldwide for a contest prep coach, the name Pscarb was the one that kept coming back as one of the best out there. I am glad in the end I went with Pscarb as I have found him not only to be knowledgeable in aspects of bodybuilding but an exceptional prep coach when it comes to getting his clients in the best possible condition for comp. Highly recommended!

Mark Getty

I have known Paul now for a few years through the gym scene in Plymouth. He is a very humble and approachable guy. Who is very well respected.

In the short period I have worked with him I have gained a vast array of knowledge. All of the “bro science” that I thought was so true is a thing of the past!

Over the last 12 months my physique has developed more than in the 10 years previous to working with Paul. It makes me think… why didn’t I decide to compete at an earlier age?!?

I fully enjoyed stepping on stage last year in my first show, I placed 2nd in a very tough line up…..I do think we shocked a few people……….

Paul is very specific and concise with his plans. With regular check-ins he will ensure everything is on track and tweak things down to the finest detail to make sure you are stage ready.

Martin Winston

I started working with Paul after my first years of competiting, I was ignorant to the fact of what it all entails.

After seeing how much knowledge Paul had on various areas, including how to be absolutely as healthy as possible. i chose to work with him.

What a brilliant choice I made.

During the 18 months we both worked together I had won multiple 1st place trophies and a couple of british disabled titles, we also Placed within normal abled body classes a few times 🙂

Highly Recommend as a friend and coach.

Paul Betts

Paul totally transformed my training and progress instantly. I had been struggling to add muscle and break certain personal goals and Paul helped me hugely exceed these.

When it came to getting stage ready, Paul took an approach that helped me not just mentally but also physically. I hit an extreme level of conditioning I didn’t know I had in me.

Paul takes a constructive approach, listens to feedback and takes time to explain his methodology. I should add Paul did all this whilst in poor health. I’m lucky to call Paul my friend as well as coach

Scott Sumption

For me this is more than just looking good but I find with every week that passes & ever show I’m learning so much & I am becoming a more confident person. I don’t think I would be any happier if I came first than where I placed 5th.

It would be easy to find someone who does online coaching & nutrition these days as there are so many people about but I don’t think I would ever find anyone who I trust as much as Paul. I’m grateful that Paul is patient & spend’s time explaining what your doing & why your doing certain things as I think this helps me understand & keep going.