Training in a Sauna…..

What is with this weather but i guess we are all so not used to a decent summer when we do have one it hits us all hard……..i am sure the cold and rain will return soon and we can all return to whining about that 🙂

Over the last week the increased heat has effected my training sapping my strength very quickly in the gym i train at in Plymouth as it has one door and no windows so is like a sauna at this time of year……

my weight is remaining stable around the 213lb mark due to me now being off cycle i do not expect this to increase that much in the coming few months, although manipulation of diet and getting to grips with the new training system will see if this is the case…..

recent PB’s have been very good with me being able to do a 60kg Incline DB press for 9 reps and in the same week but different gym i was able to do a 200kg V squat for 10 reps which is by far the best i have done for some time, not bad for someone who cannot do normal squats.

i have taken on a few new clients to Team Pscarb over the last few weeks and all have reacted well to the initial plan laid out for them, i am looking forward to seeing how they all progress over the next few months…..

training this week:
Monday:15th of July
i was training at Pro gym in Plymouth on Monday it was an upper body load day….

1 arm row 2 load sets 60kg DB’s x 10 & 8 reps
Chins (15kg added) 1 working set x 12 reps

Cable x Overs 1 working set x 12 reps
Incline DB press 60kg 1 load set x 6 reps

Seated Mill press 100kg x 12 reps
Single arm angled DB side raise 1 working set 12 reps

this was followed by my pump session on the lower body…..

Wednesday the 17th July
this was load lower body and pump upper body….

Leg press Dead press 160kg x 9 reps
Hamstring Fetal GHR (Isolation) 10 reps
Leg press Dead press 160kg x 8 reps (failure)
Leg extensions 80kg failure

Calf raise 4 sets full stack to failure

then i pumped upper body in a series of supersets

all done with a weight where failure was between 15-25 reps of both continuous and non-continuous reps

Friday was muscle round day which is a whole body workout performing the following sets
perform a specific exercise for 4 continuous reps with 5 breaths then repeat 6 times.with a weight where going above 4 rounds is challenging…..

the weekend was a good one i had a few changes to make to my clients plans to encourage more growth and fat loss this was all well received, managed to spend some quality time with the family as well as get out to socialize with the guys who train at the gym i use in Plymouth (Pro Gym) picture from the night with the guys…..

This Monday just gone (22nd July) i had an appointment for a Pain Management procedure at derriford hospital in Plymouth, this procedure is called “Facet Joint Radio Frequency” and involved several needles inserted into my spine and the nerves on the Facet joints burned away to relieve the pain i get in my lower back, this is an annual procedure but i had not had it carried out for over 2yrs so this one was very painful.
due to this my training was put on hold until today.

I am currently in Heathrow so i took the opportunity tonight to train at Maximums gym in Slough, this is a great gym with a massive array of Hammer Strength kit, i love to train with this kit because it is plate loaded and moves better with your body……

it was Load upper so the following was the session
Back Thickness – Seated Hammer row 2 sets of 10, 8 reps with 140kg using a 3 second hold on the Eccentric movement
Back Width – Smith machine chins x 1 to failure set

Isolation – Peck Deck x 12 (failure)
Compound – Hammer Strength dead stop Bench press x 10 reps (failure) PB of 160kg

Isolation – DB side single raise 20kg DB (failure)
Hammer Seated press x 10 reps (failure) PB of 140kg

no pump for the lower body tonight due to the procedure on monday on my lower back, i hope to be back to full strength on Friday to do the Load part of my leg training…….

hopefully this heat will drop now that the thundar has been and we can all breath again in the gym…….