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Expert coaching & mentoring from a champion Bodybuilder

Hi, I'm Paul

A 48yr old Father to 4 children, Husband to Jennifer.

I have been involved in the Bodybuilding and Fitness lifestyle for 30 years competing at local, national and international level.

I have encountered every type of training and diet that you can imagine and I have made all the mistakes you can make but I have learned from them and now its time to give you the knowledge to avoid those same mistakes so you can achieve your goals no matter what they are.

How Can I Help You?


Making you accountable to ensure progression to meet your goal


Combined Nutrition & Diet Programme


Custom plan based on your genetics,


crafted for your specific goals


How I apply 30yrs of Competition experience to get you ready for the stage

My Vision

For me, health and fitness have always been more than just a hobby. More than just another thing you’re supposed to incorporate into your everyday life. Being raised on Arnie and Stallone movies as a child, I quickly became heavily involved in lifting weights & keeping fit.

I would build home gyms in my garden at the age of six, using rocks and plastic boxes as my weights. I took up Karate & boxing, I started competing at 21 my last show was when i was 45, 24 years of getting into extreme shape and keeping physically fit.

Team Pscarb is my way of sharing the knowledge I’ve acquired over the last 30 years learning from every mistake I made so for those who want to improve their overall health, maintain their health, and excel in the realm of physical fitness don’t.

Work hard, train harder.

Paul Scarborough
Founder of Team Pscarb

Client Testimonials

I have worked with Paul for the last year after seeing the progress my training partner had made with Paul as his coach. In this time I have had dramatic changes to my physique which I really don’t think I would have been able to achieve without his expert guidance. I have found Paul to

Craig Chorley

The first competition I entered was in 2006. It was the UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow Show. I was entered in the first timers category. I came third. I was thrilled with what I had achieved and knew that this was for me. Off the back of my third place I knew that I could do

Julian Jordan

For me this is more than just looking good but I find with every week that passes & ever show I’m learning so much & I am becoming a more confident person. I don’t think I would be any happier if I came first than where I placed 5th. It would be easy to find


Having searched worldwide for a contest prep coach, the name Pscarb was the one that kept coming back as one of the best out there. I am glad in the end I went with Pscarb as I have found him not only to be knowledgeable in aspects of bodybuilding but an exceptional prep coach when

Mark Getty

I have known Paul now for a few years through the gym scene in Plymouth. He is a very humble and approachable guy. Who is very well respected. In the short period I have worked with him I have gained a vast array of knowledge. All of the “bro science” that I thought was so

Martin Winston

When I decided that I wanted to compete, I was lucky enough to find Paul Scarborough and for him to take me on! So since 2011 I’ve competed in 3 federations NABBA, NPA & BNBF and to date have been invited to 6 British Finals, only having 2012 off. Every show I step on that


I have known Paul for a few years now, when I was starting off in bodybuilding & studying at University we both trained at the Marjon’s University gym in Plymouth. In 2013 as I finished university we both made the transition to join Pro Gym. This was a small gym just on the outskirts of

Graham Fredericks

Five weeks out from the UKBFF British Finals in 2016 I was in a bit of a mess. I couldn’t get myself leaner and was generally lost as to what to do and where to go next. I messaged Paul (who’s a good personal friend of mine) one Thursday evening (I’ll never forget the conversation)


Been working with Paul over 3 years now, I first wanted help with a good diet which I would could be consistent with so I could build up muscle as I had a goal to compete I done my first show last year in classic bodybuilding and came 4th which I was very pleased with and


I’ve been in the fitness industry since 2008 and I’ve used many coaches but non come close to Paul Scarborough. I’ve never felt so good, even during a cutting phase. His knowledge is just unreal! Ask him anything and he will have the answer. He really goes above and beyond to make sure your focused

Ben Bamforth

Paul is my coach nearly two years and it’s the best thing I could ever done to choose him for several reasons …. I gain so much knowledge and learned so much more about my body but also mind , Paul is very professional and always available and approachable With Paul I learned the value


I signed up with Paul in 2017 to aid and guild me to my best stage condition for the West NABBA competition. Throughout the process, I found that not only was Paul extremely knowledgeable, professional and understanding but I can now call Paul a true friend. The support was constant throughout the prep, with diet,


Have worked with Paul Scarborough for 3 competition preps after a recommendation from a close friend who was working with Paul. On the first occasion I came to Paul about 6/7 weeks out from a show date I had planned but not in the best shape at all. Paul’s advice at the time was “if


When I initially set out to work with Paul I hoped to gain a good coach. What I actually ended up with was a great coach and long term friend that not only knows the ins and outs in terms of experience towards my bodybuilding competition at that time, but understood the trials and tribulations

Dan Osman

What can I say, Paul helped me over a 36 month period through 2 full show preps and a full off season, I cannot fault the progress I made from an over dieted mess when starting to a top 3 Nabba Britain competitor plus gaining a NABBA Universe qualification in our first full season. If

Chris Unitt

I started working with Paul after my first years of competiting, I was ignorant to the fact of what it all entails. After seeing how much knowledge Paul had on various areas, including how to be absolutely as healthy as possible. i chose to work with him. What a brilliant choice I made. During the

Paul Betts

I first started working with Paul about 5 years ago. I’m a busy sports therapist and while treating one of Paul clients, I was totally blown away by how each week he came in looking lighter leaner. In short his transformation was nothing short of amazing. After a short chat I knew Paul was the

Geoff Flowers

Paul totally transformed my training and progress instantly. I had been struggling to add muscle and break certain personal goals and Paul helped me hugely exceed these. When it came to getting stage ready, Paul took an approach that helped me not just mentally but also physically. I hit an extreme level of conditioning I

Scott Sumption

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